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Social listening for insightful PR

We talk. We chat. We comment. Asked or not we do tell our opinion about a product, a service, or a company. These comments, expressions, these data are one of the most valuable gems of social media when it comes to knowing what is in our audience’s mind.

Social listening is the strategic tool we use in order to reach the right people, at the best time possible, with the content designed for their needs which gives them the most value.

Is social listening only data analysis?

No. It goes beyond monitoring and replying to incoming questions, comments about the brand. It is about extracting key insights from social conversations that you can apply to the companies’ overall strategy. With using tools for gathering the information we build our knowledge about not just the audience but the industry as well.

Listen. Learn. Earn.

Social listening helps you define your personas much better. Do you want the trust of your employees, your customers or your partners? Ask them and listen. Public relations, even digital PR is built on the mutual understanding that is established by listening and acting on what you have heard. If you have trouble finding the perfect event setting you will love this tool. You just have to gather, analyze then you will be able to create consumer engagement and develop your brand.

TOP 7 winning social listening effects

  1. Build effective brand awareness
  2. Be ready and LIVE when social media crisis hits in
  3. Build a strong customer relationship
  4. Find new sales channels and ways
  5. Get REAL feedback
  6. Learn about the trends that will lead you to efficient development
  7. Optimize your communication activities

With social listening, we at PR-Agent Communications reveal to you who and how your brand is talked about, we collect and analyze relevant content, publications for the best possible reputation management. Talk to us! 👉

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