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Everyone dreams of a professional team taking the burden of planning and organizing off their shoulders and making a dream event into reality. Search no further - we're here to give you a hand.

Our agency can help you with all your event planning needs: from planning to execution, we're here to help you with all the steps. Formidable concepts, incredible decorations: for us, event planning is art. 

What we offer?


Customer experience

When organizing an event, our guiding principle is to deliver an experience that guests will remember. Experience for dreamers: event planning at its finest. This is the experience we give not only to our clients, but also to the participants. Many people have reported of us that our teamwork always gives a perfect feeling of security and satisfaction to those present.

Team Buildings

As a PR agency, we excel not only in communications strategy and event planning, but also in organizing team building events. We know that successful businesses are built on a cohesive and effective team. The team building programs we offer can help strengthen internal company communication, increase bonds between employees, and develop problem-solving skills. Whether it's corporate training, challenging adventures, or inspiring workshops, we design experiences that are both memorable and rewarding in the long run.

Press events

We organize not only traditional press conferences but exciting press trips as well, to give media representatives a complete experience. Our aim is for journalists, colleagues, participants not only to get information, but also to be actively involved in the stories and events, shaping them.

Conferences, Exhibitions

Not only do we organize conferences and exhibitions, we strive to make them a real inspiration. We have no room for the boring or the ordinary! Our conferences and exhibitions provide experiences that inspire and entertain, and create lasting memories for participants. With our creative approach, interactive content and eye-catching designs, our events create real communities. Every detail is considered to ensure that events are enjoyable, interactive, and educational.


The Swift is one of Suzuki's flagships not only in Hungary, but all throughout Europe. The Sport edition made its debut in 2018 with their newest model. A favorite of motoring journalists, this light, fast little beast with dynamic handling performance was presented in a venue that alternates sharp bends, climbs, descents and fast straights to make the test drive a truly enjoyable and memorable experience. So we chose one of Europe's most iconic drives, the panoramic route to the Glossglockner. Innovating on the usual method of the time, we sent out a teaser video as an invitation, which immediately showed what guests could experience if they visited Heiligenblut with us. The car's nickname was "Wasp", so we included this unusual logo in our thank-you gifts. Windbreaker, canteen, sunglasses, we equipped the journalists with everything they needed for a mountain adventure. For our client, it was this program that launched the Suzuki Media Club events, which have become a tradition and are now held several times a year, and of which we are extremely proud. 



We are proud to have gained the trust of many Chinese clients, therefore more and more of Chinese companies entrust us with the organization of their events in Hungary or the implementation of their overall PR and communication strategy. In addition, our joint work with Chinese companies is uniquely supported by China experts. China Construction Bank held its grand opening event in the spring of 2023, which was entirely managed by the PR Agent team. The launch, which was a national highlight, attracted over 300 key business partners, journalists and government officials. The 360-degree organization and communication included not only the planning of the venue, catering, visuals and technology, but protocol advice, press relations and the purchase of indoor and outdoor advertising space as well. From the choice of venue to the menu and program, we constantly strive to provide our clients with the most complex solutions possible and to ensure that the guests have a memorable experience.


Communication through events was an integral part of our client's marketing strategy for Grohe in the run-up to 2020. As part of this, the company participated in a number of home furnishing events. At the Kitchen Exhibition, held at the Papp László Sports Arena, the focus was on the newly launched water-filtered kitchen faucets, alongside bathroom solutions. The appliances not only filter water, but are able to dispense water heated to 100 degrees Celsius as well. We wanted to showcase this to guests in a creative and spectacular way. Experience and learning about the practical benefits is very important when making a purchase decision, so we presented the features of the faucet in a live cooking show, where we worked with influencer Ági Dobó. Ági had just won the Hungarian cooking television competition Konyhafőnök, and used her popularity and influence not only to cook at the Grohe stand, but also to present the brand's latest products to her followers in a live check-in. The creative solutions didn't stop there, with a blind tasting water test to show visitors that filtered water can compete with mineral water.

Suzuki Magyarország



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Suzuki Magyarország





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