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Over the past 20 years, we have collaborated with numerous domestic and international partners. We take pride in the fact that our current team navigates comfortably in the fields of the automotive industry, technology, lifestyle, event management, and the handling of special Chinese projects through our China Desk division.​​


A PR agency that takes a leading role in Chinese relations.

Our China Desk is supported by dedicated China experts. Over the years, many Chinese partners have entrusted and worked with us to organise their events, as well as to plan and implement their PR activities and communications strategy. Over time, our engagement with China has only grown. ​

What we offer?


Advisory & Communications Strategy Development

First and foremost, we help our clients define the optimal PR strategy to communicate effectively in the Hungarian industrial and political landscape. We find our client's goals and strategic objectives, target audience and the key messages. We select the appropriate communication tools and channels, and set up the optimal schedule and timeline.​

Brand Building

We create a transparent and informative online presence (e.g. website) for our client with defining the company’s products, services, contact details and other important information. We keep relevant press organs updated with our client’s industry and company news with the help of press releases. We continuously post to social media to build and maintain brand awareness and to gain visibility and engagement. ​

Press Monitoring

We observe the media in order to help create a positive press coverage and manage critical situations. We collect, analize and sort out relevant news articles by sentiment. From this, we produce a detailed summary on a weekly and monthly basis. ​

Stakeholder Map

We identify the relevant stakeholders for our client and develop a strategy to engage with them effectively. We identify and gather potential business partners for our client and we build and maintain the relationships with them. We keep the stakeholder map continuously monitored and updated. ​

Event Organization

We provide a full range of event management services from planning to implementation. We help our clients with choosing the right venue and date, and provide a quotation of prices. We liaise with subcontractors, help with infrastructure and logistics, and provide full management. After the event, we evaluate the feedback.​

Employer Branding & Intercultural Training

We advocate our client’s company culture, values, and missions. We invest in education and we establish a presence from early on. We attract interest by ensuring attendance at key events and exhibitions. We help with sensitising the Hungarian public opinion and attracting workforce locally. ​

Market research

We help our clients to identify current industrial tendencies, opportunities and potential challenges for Chinese companies operating in the region overall. We pinpoint our client’s competitors and support them in understanding the Hungarian investment trends. We detect market opportunities and gaps by analysing consumer behaviour. ​

Issue Management

We identify, analize, and address the potential issues or challenges that may impact the company’s reputation, operations, or relationship with key stakeholders. In case of a crisis situation, we immediately inform our client and we respond to unexpected challenges with crisis communication. ​


Our partnership with the Semcorp factory in Debrecen has been ongoing since 2021. We organized events such as the groundbreaking ceremony for the factory and a presence at the Campus Festival. Our collaborative efforts will soon continue with public relations tasks.​


In 2022, the world's largest telecommunications company, China Mobile, chose us to organize their conference related to the 5G network. The event took place in the prestigious Castle District in Budapest, and it was attended by Chinese government officials and business leaders, among others. ​


In the spring of 2023, the China Construction Bank selected us to organize the grand opening ceremony for its branch in Hungary. The event hosted over 300 guests, including numerous key business partners and government officials. We not only handled the comprehensive logistical aspects but also took care of protocol and press-related tasks for the occasion. ​


In November 2023, leaders from SIHE Renewable Energy Development paid a four-day site visit to Budapest. Our agency contributed greatly to the success of the visit by guiding the delegation and by designing and installing information banners on site.​


In November 2023, China Mobile International entrusted us with the organisation of an international customer appreciation event at The Ritz Carlton in Budapest, continuing our already established partnership. The event was attended by a number of China Mobile's international leaders and international partners. ​

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