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Content is king” – said Bill Gates and how right he was.


A PR agency that helps brands find their voice through their stories.

A PR agency that helps brands find their voice through their stories. What is your dream? Fame, a Forbes cover and a beautiful Hungarian designer piece. And we bring it all to you!

Fresh, relevant, engaging, meaningful - we think everyone has a story with all of the above. We find your brand story and bring out these characters naturally.

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Content marketing

Today's heightened consumer stimulus-threshold is setting the bar very high for good content. But the experienced members of our content division are not afraid of the challenge: they take a unique and creative approach to even the most casual topics.

Social listening: what is behind the posts:

We not only post on social media platforms, but we also listen to the reactions and behaviour of our audience, so we can see a product or service from a different perspective. We also use the processed data, customized to the specific industry, in strategic decision-making to ensure that our customers get the most optimal results.

Community adventures

Many customer profiles are managed and moderated 24 hours a day. Social media platforms provide an opportunity to expand awareness of brands and services through an active presence, sharing relevant and creative content and engaging with followers.

Press relations

Strong press relations help us to reach a wide audience and increase brand visibility and authenticity. Working with the press ensures positive and appropriate publicity for our clients.

Do you have 20 minutes on the sofa? ADA X Rozi Zubor X ÉVA Magazin

In our campaign for the Austrian furniture company ADA, we created an exciting content collaboration between a trusted opinion leader (influencer) and a relevant media platform for the target group, ÉVA magazine. Focusing not only on the product, but also on the harmonious environment and sense of life that ADA represents, the series of visuals brought a whole new approach to the brand. ADA's premium sofas were placed in the context of a conversation series entitled "You have 20 sofa minutes". At the heart of the campaign was a sofa, where 20-minute conversations with well-known, popular personalities took place, led by Rozi Zubor. The media partner for the campaign was ÉVA magazine, so in addition to social media appearances, the campaign also received an online media boost, much to the client's satisfaction. Over the course of the 3 episodes, we created a total of 12 integrated looks that focused on self-care and relaxation.


In the integrated campaign dreamt up by PR Agent Content's team, innovation and creativity went hand in hand and the created harmoniously combined fashion, marketing and economic aspects. We drew the attention of the press to the collection with a personalized invitation message in a creative shoebox, and then generated 25 organic press placements and nearly 100 social media pieces of content at the launch event, which attracted more than 50 relevant guests. Porsche Hungaria also joined the collaboration, described as the "coolest collaboration of the year", with its unique BxRV branded ID. Buzz Cargo minibus, which not only helped to promote the collection, but it was also a creative element of a spectacular pop-up display at the MOM-Park shopping mall.


The unique PLIÉ Collection clothing brand, a prominent player in the Hungarian fashion industry, is a premium client of our Content team. As part of our strategy, we design and produce social media content alongside editorial and lookbook photography for our ever-evolving collections, to ensure the brand's organic content and reach is spread as widely as possible in the online space. For the latest SS23 collection, we created dynamic content that follows fashion trends, but is also clean and unique, including videos and campaign films. We also use influencers to promote the collections, and PLIÉ garments are regularly featured in various media campaigns and awards, constantly reinforcing the brand's presence on the fashion map. We are particularly proud that the face of the FW23 collection, actress Eszter Balla, is not only featured in the campaign photos, but also on the cover and in the "fashion issue" of Marie Claire magazine.


Our creative concept for the premium furniture company ADA focused on the theme "SUCCESSFUL FURNITURE - BRANDING ARTISTICALLY". Through innovative locations and inspiring collaborations, we addressed ADA's target audience and created an experience where comfort and art could meet. The multi-stage campaign included a creative installation at the ArtMarket event to showcase the elegant style of ADA furniture. The MOM Park Lounge expo brought a sense of "comfort from home" to the public, where a pop-up exhibition and art performances brought new colours to the concept of homeliness. The Christmas Gallery, co-organised with the YoungArt contemporary gallery, provided months of comfort for shoppers. And in the RTL Fókusz TV spot, we made the moment memorable with live clothes painting and furniture decoration, combining art and comfort. Finally, we strengthened ADA's brand image through charitable donations. With a total of 50 press appearances, 100+ social media pieces and 3 offline and 5 online platforms, our campaign was a success and significantly increased ADA's visibility and image in the country. Through our creative campaign, we made it clear that ADA furniture is not just a simple addition to the home, but can be a source of lifestyle and artistic inspiration.

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