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We are proud to help our customers communicate on a wide range of topics, from domestic battery manufacturing to hybrid and electric vehicle demonstrations to exploring the moon's water resources.


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With new technologies, emerging markets, sustainability and changing consumer needs, the automotive, mobility and transport landscape are changing dramatically: something new is happening almost every day.

Our extensive market knowledge and fresh, relevant experience make us a confident communicator on the market.

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Automotive industry

Our team of strategic planners, consultants, content developers, social media, PR campaigns and live communication specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over the years to serve our automotive clients.

Since 2015, we have been working as a communications agency with the domestic sales department of Magyar Suzuki Zrt. We have already completed numerous product launches, sales and educational campaigns and events. Between 2018 and 2023, we also provided social media and product PR communication for Volvo Hungária Kft.'s trucks: we are already at home in the electric vehicle market.


The world of technology is undergoing profound changes. And we have the new and groundbreaking tools. Our customer portfolio includes both the NASA award-winning measuring instrument of Puli Space Technologies and the world's largest lithium-ion battery separation film supplier, SEMCORP Hungary Kft. Whatever the product is, we believe in the power of the most advanced technology and clean energy, and this is the innovative approach that we take with us wherever we go. Even to our work.

Hungarian Car of the Year 2023

As a PR agency, we care more than ever about the public's opinion of Suzuki models, and this year we've gone the extra mile to ensure that this opinion is excellent. The result speaks for itself: the S-CROSS won the Public's Choice Award out of 39 models from 22 brands. 

We are proud of both car and award, 2023 is the 3rd year in a row that we have managed to mobilise the public to win the award.  

Suzuki Camp

At one of our press event, a wide range of Hungarian journalists were able to test the endless variety and practicality of Suzuki's whole model range on Lake Balaton. Everything from compact city cruisers to spacious family cars were lined up to help us deliver a memorable experience for our guests. During the two-day programme, we visited urban, waterfront and green spots where we could admire the tiny wonders of the Hungarian sea throughout the summer.

The event gave us the opportunity to prove that Suzuki models are not just vehicles, but also representatives of real lifestyles. Whether it's spontaneous exploration, family adventure or urban vibrancy, you'll always be on the right track with a Suzuki.


Magyar Suzuki's integrated, image-based campaign uses experiential social media content to help communicate the models. 4 cars, 4 different target groups, 4 well-known people, 4 different life situations. This is what the campaign we created is all about: it's your journey and your car. 

In the first phase of the campaign, Erzsi Pásztor, a well-known Kossuth and Jászai Mari award winner, shows us a new side of her life, as she reminisces about her childhood on the northern shores of Lake Balaton, while taking us to some wonderful places.  

Tamás Szabó Kimmel and the S-CROSS

We had the chance to follow Tamás Szabó Kimmel's family trip to Pécs.

Viki Lábas and the Swift

We accompanied Viki Lábas, singer of Margaret Island, to the Campus Festival.

Dávid Kárai and the Jimny

And with chef and food blogger Dávid Kárai, we travelled to the wild landscapes of Pilis and Cserhát to cook a hearty lunch from the herbs and fruits of nature.

Volvo – drawing competition

Volvo Hungária Kft., representing Volvo Trucks Hungary, and Waberer's Group launched a joint sustainability drawing competition in spring 2022, and as a communications agency we contributed to its success with a variety of online and offline tools - all the while pushing our own boundaries too. The results were beyond expectations: the competition, which promoted the importance of carbon neutrality, attracted 444 entries, with the 3+1 best entries being chosen to decorate the Volvo alternative powertrain. 

The drawing competition, organised by the two companies, also served a good cause: for every entry received, five thousand forints were donated to the Hungarian Charity Service of the Ordes of Malta, which used the money raised to help the welfare of war refugee children arriving in Hungary.otta.

We are proud of our joint success, a step towards a greener future! 

Hybrid campaign


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