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We don’t need to talk about how important it is to build a long-lasting and true relationship with the empowered audience. Public Relation is founded on the basis of raising the business’ value. How and where we communicate will set up the tone of the relationships with our audience and all these will end up as our reputation.

The relationship algorithm

Today’s communication investment is the digital presence of tomorrow. But first, you have to be heard, understood in the uncountable amount and noise of content. Writer Mark Schaefer calls the exponentially increasing volumes of content which are impossible to consume: content shock.

3 easy questions to spot fake news

Is just about the news, the hoaxes and facts that were not carefully selected, analyzed? Is it an evil act that is done on purpose? Or is it the by-product of the fast feeding information century where everything is considered as “news” if it happened two minutes ago and only valid for 24 hours like an Instagram story? What is fake news and can you do with it?

Social listening for insightful PR

We talk. We chat. We comment. Asked or not we do tell our opinion about a product, a service, or a company. These comments, expressions, these data are one of the most valuable gems of social media when it comes to knowing what is in our audience’s mind.

Which is first - reading people or data?

We live in a software-driven world. We wake up for the ringing of the phone, check the feeds of social monsters that are hungry for information and news. We get most of our knowledge about unknown things by Googling it. We are in the era of digitalization and not only our basic everyday items become digital but so as our talents and organizations. Can you keep up the pace?

The psychology behind data – humans

Data is everywhere but we need to be psychologists to understand them as well. Why? Do you doubt it? Let’s say you learn that 70% of visitors leave your website’s blog page after the first three minutes, you have three other kinds of data sets from social media statistics to trend monitoring yet you still don’t know what is wrong with your blog posts. This might happen because you lack the person you can interpret and understand this data. First of all, are you sure you are collecting the right data for your cause?

New media press releases

Press releases are designed to get as much media coverage as possible. But rather than concentrating on the amount of new media coverage, PR requires us to concentrate more on the quality not so much on the quantity.

Creativity, what robots will never have

PR is getting digital and AI (Artificial intelligence) is sinking under our skin like it was baby lotion. We need and we can use for our advantage AI, yet we must never forget the human factor that controls and bears the characteristics that robots will never have. Creativity.

PR and the car industry

What communication and PR challenges does the automotive industry have? How can we look further and communicate in a creative way the core values of safety and technology?

Digital talents – Who they are, why you need them and how to attract them?

We live the era of changes, reform and revolutions. It must effect business as well. We have already entered the era of the digital world we are currently facing the digital transformation. But what is it? Who are the key players? Let’s find out together.

Positive social media presence – Be, not just exist.

We love to emphasize that today’s communication investments are tomorrow’s digital presence. Ten years ago online communication would be merely a website and maybe a blog, nowadays communication happens on a daily or maybe even hourly bases. With the rise of social media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn we can dwell on one blog article per month. This pressure and the content shock causes that many companies either never go to social media or create content that doesn’t have any values. Only it fires back in an unexpected way, causing a negative impression on our audience.

Us as a team – EVP in action

We live in the present, yet look forward to the future to research, see what is coming and be prepared. Curiosity is one of the characteristics our company possess.  To keep a company competitive, employees must also realize and know the firm’s future directions and prepare to add value in new ways under a variety of emerging business conditions. If the values the company needs and the individual seeks does not accord, we have a problem and our coexistence will be short and painful.

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