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The relationship algorithm

The relationship algorithm

Today’s communication investments are tomorrow’s digital presence. But first, you have to be heard, understood in the uncountable amount and noise of content. Writer Mark Schaefer calls the exponentially increasing volumes of content which are impossible to consume: content shock. You as a content consumer must have felt it, right? After a very short time, we start to feel it is just too much to take in. First, we stop reading, then we just watch 3 seconds of those videos and where is the interaction? Aren’t we just scrolling bots? What is the relationship algorithm anyway?

Content creation machines

Managers happen to forget they are also users when it comes to digital communication or campaigns. Yes, the goal is clear, we have to be heard, we must be understood. Reach is only a number and futuristics software’s are promising they will lift the weight off our shoulders. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to create content; content marketing will be driven by algorithms; bots will manage public enquiries; and decisions of channels and tactics will increasingly be automated, driven in real time by public responses and behaviours. *

“For years, PR has ‘pitched’ the newspaper to carry a story; now, we’re effectively ‘pitching’ the algorithms that determine what people see. ” – Kevin McCann

Public Relations for the Master of robots

There are several things robots and AI cannot do. It can’t win over people’s trust when they find out an automated bot are writing fake news, liking their images or gathering information about their buying behaviour. Long term public trust has to be built by the careful craftsmen who can understand the data collected by AI. Digital PR teams, as we are at PR Agent Communication are determined to use and train digital tools such as AI for research and execution. This way building the culture of research and data-driven public relations. AI is not the answer but the tool to ask the right questions and in some cases to verify the answers.

“Past changes in IT — from the internet to social media – have benefited PR by making organizations more focused on communication and reputation. Will AI help us? Perhaps, if we can use it to understand public behaviour and make better decisions. ” – Sheridan McVean

The relationship algorithm

Reputation is the relationship we have built with our audience online. The algorithm that we write must be thought through digital processes. Together we will build these processes from data that is provided by digital platforms. Yet, these numbers, comments and reactions must be evaluated through the eyes of the expert in communication. At PR Agent Communication our multi-skilled team is ready to help you analyze this data and find the personalized digital solution for your company.

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Takeaway: *Quotes and further reading: THE ELEVATION OF PUBLIC RELATIONS – A discussion paper on a profession’s present – and its possible future By Daniel Tisch, APR, FCPRS




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