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Digital transformation – summer camp

Digital Transformation (DT) is the use of digital technology to solve traditional problems. This sounds easy, right? Well, it is not so easy when you have new digital talents with traditional talents who seem to speak totally different languages and having totally different mindsets about the problems itself. We gathered some key ideas about digital transformation and how to survive it!

Think about those actions as affecting your business, your segment of society and mass communication. Employees across all age groups will want to work for businesses that are committed to digital progress, so you should start writing down your digital strategy. Do you have a pen and paper? 

  1. Write down your digital scopes and objectives! You must have a clear and coherent strategy in mind so your people will know exactly what is the target!
    1. Who would you like to reach on your website and social sites?
    2. What impact would you like to have on these online communities?
    3. What online trends would you like to incorporate?
    4. Will you use A/B testing?
  2. Build skills. Yeah, go that service design conference, hire a headhunter that will bring you digital talents, train your traditional professionals so they will catch up with the new generation, use social listening tools! 
  3. Teaching is the best learning, as they say! Build digital fluency in your company create training, programs for all employees – and maybe partners – about digital concepts and tools. 
  4. Conceptualize! Create your understanding of how digital technologies can impact your business.  
  5. Be an example! If you are the leader of the company or a group of people you must understand that the digital agenda is led from the top. You need to be the conductor of digital transformation! 

You can always look at your competitors and steal some small ideas about how they are communicating their digital transformation. If you are open to learning new skills, discussing your digital transformation strategy or your online presence if you would like to build your online presence then join us. We are in the centre of our digital transformation and we love to share our experience! Don’t forget strategy drives transformation, not technology.

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