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Which is first – reading people or data?

We live in a software-driven world filled with data. We wake up for the ringing of the phone, check the feeds of social monsters that are hungry for information and news. We get most of our knowledge about unknown things by Googling it. We are in the era of digitalization and not only our basic everyday items become digital but so as our talents and organizations. Can you keep up the pace?

Creating more…

Communication challenges became digital in this new place where a brand needs to give value at the same time as it has to make a profit. Smart business people have already discovered the shift from quantity over quality, meaning together with mobile-first thinking comes value creating. Now there are some important elements we must face when it comes to value creation, or creation itself. It requires people. Moreover unique talents and an organization that helps them do what they are best in, creating an agile organization culture. An agile team is a creative entity or a collaborative problem-solving organism. This collaboration is needed not just among people but when it comes to reading data and people.

We are people after all.

Collecting and analysing data is almost as natural these days as having a smartwatch or an app on our phone that tells us how many steps did we take today. Some may argue that in order to have a real solution we must rely on data only. However, data will not show connection only if someone is connecting the dots through critical thinking Only us humans can feel and use our brain to create from experience and knowledge something totally new.

Digital PR is still about people

We at PR-Agent Communication believe in the digital revolution and the transformation of communication and organisation into a more digital kind of species. However, we will never fail to grab and value the most important aspect of public relations, that is people. We have the digital and non-digital talents on our side to help you and your brand analyse, understand and use the data provided. We help you build the new digitally capable organisation while communicating with your audience in the modern age’s most effective ways. Transformation is now at the doorsteps of every organisation through employer branding, digital PR, online marketing and technology development of products. Join us in the exciting adventure and invest in today’s communication to create tomorrow’s digital presence.

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