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PR and the car industry

What communication and PR challenges does the automotive industry have? How can we look further and communicate in a creative way the core values of safety and technology?

Industry-specific factors

We know that communicating both internally and externally are key factors and the first challenge these huge companies face on the industry is the adaptation of communication of the parent company. Then there are several modern, we can call them digital issues, live autonomous driving or the electrification strategies which might divide the audience. While the electric, self-driving cars provide comfort and are environmentally friendly, the danger of hackers and the errors of the computer system still loom over.

Data is more essential than ever

For car industry brands numbers are not new. For safety, for the engineering numbers are key performance indicators not only on the market but during innovations as well. When it comes to communication and the perception about cars social listening can give us feedback about how the audience see the brand and their products. People will tell companies what they like and what they desire. Is it design improvement, is it about comfort or technology? Are these in line what you have planned in your strategy?

Successful communication – traditional PR meets digital PR

Media becomes social, yet people do not buy cars only based on Facebook ads. In the car industry, it is more essential that we do integrated campaigns, events and programs where the audience can come closer, feel, touch and try. Experience was and will be a keyword when it comes to any kind of vehicle and their communication towards the public.

Communication channels and new tools

Depending on the communication objectives a brand might create campaigns related to lifestyle, family life, outdoor activities or high technology. Depending on the profile of the audience we are able to communicate on relevant digital channels using multimedia and engaging content. Not only channels change where we can reach our target groups but those who carry our message to the public. Besides traditional journalists PR agencies and car brands many times choose to work with influencers, Instagrammers or Youtubers for delivering a lifestyle experience.

Hungarian market

The Hungarian automotive industry has produced its highest production value all time with

HUF 8038 billion in 2017- states the PwC Hungary Automotive Supplier Survey. Overall in Hungary, nearly 170,000 people work in the industry, with a willingness to further expansion in investments there will be no barriers to increase this number. However, the shortage of trained labour does affect the industry.

PR-Agent communications’ history with automotive industry players

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