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New media press releases

Never forget these and you will succeed!

Press releases are designed to get as much media coverage as possible. But rather than concentrating on the amount of new media coverage, PR requires us to concentrate more on the quality not so much on the quantity.

Places we and our news go.

Traditionally press or news releases are written or recorded communication for announcing something apparently newsworthy. In the traditional media, our goal is to have these news printed, broadcast (on television or radio). The target audience for these documentations is journalists and editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television networks.

However, the concept of new mediaincludes social networking sites, mobile devices, smart phone and tablet applications, video sharing channels and web sites. Different interface, different look, different usage and completely different target audience. Now as media got more digital now we should rather think about bloggers, online editors, influencers, online media owners and of course brand’s own social media sites as a platform for releasing news.

Press statement or video release?

The popularity of the video is increasing year by year. A video message with some shareable footage is a big prize for any editor who needs to catch the attention of their audience. In this fight, an informative, short video is harsh business. Can we forget about written press releases? Absolutely not. It should not be forgotten that details and facts are most understandable and memorable in a well-described context, in which they can be recognized most effectively.

How does new media or social media press release differ from the traditional press release?

Mainly, three things are different. The audience, the style and the technology. When preparing a news media or even social media press release you are thinking about targeting the customer. This will change the mood and the atmosphere of your content. You are more welcome to tell a story, use pictures, emotions, graphics. All those elements people yearn for in the social noise.

Why should you do this? Have you heard about the trust issues with news agencies, fear of fake news? Your audience is more likely to listen and share content that not so formal and much easier to digest. Your style needs to shift from facts to storytelling. PR specialist helps you build the story.

Share is the new coverage and AI is the postman

Social releases are meant to be shared. In social media, reading happens only after it is received by people and in social media terms, this means sharing. This is when technology comes in as the traditional press releases are usually e-mailed new media press releases are shared through different social platforms. The distribution can happen through software that PR agencies and clients to create, integrate and measure the distribution of news. Some of these software’s are designed so that your release is made available to major search engines, help you with SEO optimization and these features are musts if you wish to stand out.

At PR-Agent Communications we believe that today’s communication investments are tomorrow’s digital presence. We encourage our partners to use digital benefits that are provided but never forget the human factor. Our professional account team is the bridge between traditional and new solutions. We will help you generate stories that are shared through social media or write traditional press releases with a hint of new media tricks to reach out for press media.

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