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The psychology behind data – humans

Data is everywhere but we need to be psychologists to understand them as well. Why? Do you doubt it? Let’s say you learn that 70% of visitors leave your website’s blog page after the first three minutes, you have three other kinds of data sets from social media statistics to trend monitoring yet you still don’t know what is wrong with your blog posts. This might happen because you lack the person you can interpret and understand this data. First of all, are you sure you are collecting the right data for your cause? How can you be data-driven?

What is data-driven PR?

Data is used in PR for helping leaders decide on the destination where they would like to lead their brand. Data also helps in naming what is needed as an input to reach these objectives, this way aids strategy making. Data will also guide us during the journey and with the support of analytical data, we will see if we are on the route to success or we might have lost directions and need to make some changes.

Translating data

With the help of data visualisation, it is easier to organize and simplify the sets of information still we need to make assumptions and decisions about the graphics we get. Without data planning business might be just making thing up. Intuition and instincts are an important part of creating a strategy but insight is gained through collected data. These insights are then transformed into stories, fresh and relevant contents. We shouldn’t think that human behaviour can be understood simply by observing external data. Your audience is complicated, emotion-driven, therefore, relying on cold numbers hoping to understand them will fail all the time.

Who is able to translate the data?

The perfect person doesn’t have to be a statistician or data scientist. The traits of a great data-driven PR professional is curious, honest, bold, persistent and does her/his job with integrity. Our team at PR-Agent Communication possess all the needed traits together with the knowledge of traditional PR and the tools of digital PR. Together we are using methods to gather information, test creative ideas, formulate messages, pitches. Join us in creating tomorrow’s digital presence in the most human and value creating way possible. Be our greatest adventure!

Examples help us understand – How does data-driven PR look like?

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