What information is needed for a real creative PR idea?

Being creative depends on some different things. One part is having data, information of objectives, goals, should we use the word strategy?

Objectives of a PR campaign.

Take the time to thoroughly investigate the whys, and use social listening to back your insight with data from the real world. Assumptions might lead to different outcomes when the campaign should be focused and should stay on-message. This will also give us a chance to monitor the effectiveness of the strategy.

Would you like to add to the size of your audience reach, boost sales, or improve your brand’s reputation? You should communicate this clearly to your agency before sending a brief. With the help of social listening together we will set measurable targets – such as selling 100 trucks.

How far can we go?

Thinking outside the box is a must have to create real creative PR ideas. Yet, some clients wouldn’t like to go too far, which is not helping to stand out from a crowd. New, innovative ideas allow the organisation and the agency to stay ahead of the competition. Using new technology such as VR might be required by the target audience as well.  

Knowing the target audience.

Yes, it is old, but gold. Which groups do you need to communicate with? Who needs to be involved? Whose support do we need? Who will be affected by issues related? We must address these questions before even starting brainstorming about the message and if you are not prepared or would like to reevaluate with us, you are more than welcome to do so.

Create. Publish. Monitor. Repeat.

All the rest what is or will be in your communication, marketing and PR strategy is essential for the campaign but we might be able to start with the first three most information. Based on these we are able to help you with choosing the right platforms, crafting the messages, finding a creative angle to deliver the message, set the tactics and activities to go through with strategy. Once a campaign is on the road we will be here with you to gather some more information, to monitor and evaluate the moves, acts, reactions and from these precious data present you with the insight that will help us create the next campaigns.

If you like this journey, trust us with a kick-off meeting where we would love to hear from your organisation, company and your objectives.  

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