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Creativity, what robots will never have

PR is getting digital and AI (Artificial intelligence) is sinking under our skin like it was baby lotion. We need and we can use for our advantage AI, yet we must never forget the human factor that controls and bears the characteristics that robots will never have. Creativity.

Human supervision is needed.

Man created with creativity the algorithms and human-like AI-s, that help us understand big data, in customer relations can answer frequently asked questions, solve mathematical problems yet they just run, but someone needs to start them and supervise them. Strategists need to plan, design and test how these machines run and evaluate the results. When a robot does it’s work and gathers all the information and sorts them out we will have a prepared set of information but it is going to be us, who has to give the direction what to collect. In order to set new horizons, it is going the be a human’s role to understand very soft impressions in the data. To find the gaps and the missing links that a robot may see yet does not understand the pattern.

To succeed you need creativity.

For a successful marketing campaign, a brand needs different talents. Digital talent, people management, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and creativity. A robot might be able to think critically – when a set of filters are provided – still most of the soft skills can only be performed by humans. Machines lack the ability to be creative and this is a characteristic that seems like can be taught through algorithms. The reason behind this is their incapability of thinking and feeling.

Can robots help the creative process?

Indeed, AI can assist in decision making as it is able to collect and sort information and data like a human cannot. These filtered information sets determine what sort image, video, the mood we need to choose to grab our audience’s attention. Yet, when it comes to decision and setting strategic goals brands need creative thinking.

At PR-Agent Communication we are a strategically focused PR agency using the modern age’s technology with talented and experienced account base to create unique communication messages, events and campaigns. The computer lacks imagination or creativity to dream up a vision for the future, but we have all the skills needed. If you would love to build a digital future for your brand contact us with your vision now. Hope to hear from you soon. Follow us on LinkedIn!

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