Your team in building digital PR strategy – PR Agent Communication

Your team in building a digital PR strategy – PR Agent Communication

We don’t need to talk about how important it is to build a long-lasting and true relationship with the empowered audience. Public Relation is founded on the basis of raising the business’ value. How and where we communicate will set up the tone of the relationships with our audience and all these will end up as our reputation. Most of this process will take place in the digital word and this is when digital PR comes handy.

But what is digital PR?

Digital Public Relations is a set of tactics and a strategic planning process. We plan the digital processes just like in traditional PR yet we have to make a shift when it comes to research, for example, the habits of our targeted groups. Where can they be found in the digital world? How do they use social media? What kind of blogs, websites they read and what keywords do they type into their search engines? At PR-Agent Communications we research, we discuss the challenges and this way we understand your business goals. The next step is to build a strategy on this mutual understanding of business needs, then find and execute the best digital solutions.

A concept rather than a toolbox

In digital PR success of a message sent can be measured more accurately then it was possible with a newspaper article. We can see the clicks and the downloads, the website visitations and even measure the success compared to previous campaigns. However, digital PR is more than a set of digital tools like native advertising. It is soaked with the megatrends shaping the industry, like fake news, and the decline of journalism, the digital content challenges like video-based content or SEO and business owners and leaders in charge of communication are already on an adventure of making everything digital.

Come with us and enjoy the ride

At PR-Agent Communication we have been on the field for more than 15 years and have become a strategy driven agency who is working with the full range of digital PR tools. We are proud to be versatile not only in creativity but in experience and expertise as well. Today’s communication investments are tomorrow’s digital presence. Come and build yours with us. Write to us your current, most urgent digital challenge and let’s start the conversation. 👉

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