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Kommunikációs audit

Communication audit

In order to achieve the most effective results, you must always deal with subjects in depth. In any case, we start with a communication audit to examine your brand, your company and the market environment.

Kommunikációs stratégia és tervezés

Communication strategy and planning

A strategy that fits your brand and careful planning will help you to be effective on online and offline platforms. We find your communication cornerstones and frame them.

Pozícionálás és márkaépítés

Brand positioning & brand building

Whether you are new to the market or just want to add a little freshness to your brand, we will point you in the right direction with a stable and positive positioning and then present it to the right target group.



While there are brands and companies that require traditional PR, we are increasingly meeting clients that focus on digital PR. We know our way around both and are thrilled to combine traditional methods with modern ones.

Ügyfél és rendezvény

Client experience & events

When organising events, our most important guiding principle is to provide events and experiences that guests will surely remember.

B2b, B2c, B2G kommunikáció

B2B, B2C, B2G communication

We approach the different target groups with tools and channels that will surely achieve their goal, be it to encourage your partners, to trigger your customers or a log event.

online és közösségi média menedzsment

Online & social media management

The online world is inevitable, constantly changing and providing many opportunities. Social media is one of the pillars of digital marketing. In this field, we offer not only sustainable communication and channel management, but also thematic campaigns.

logó és arculat

Logo design & corporate identity

Written content is best when it is accompanied by a consistent image. A well designed logo and corporate identity should represent your brand, your company and your key messages on various platforms.

online és közösségi média menedzsment

Content creation

We create content for you that fits both digital and offline, be it a static image, an animated infographics or a spectacular video.


Web development

Based on your ideas we create your website using WordPress or with individual development together with image elements.

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