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Us as a team – EVP in action

We live in the present, yet look forward to the future to research, see what is coming and be prepared. Curiosity is one of the characteristics our company possess.  To keep a company competitive, employees must also realize and know the firm’s future directions and prepare to add value in new ways under a variety of emerging business conditions. If the values the company needs and the individual seeks does not accord, we have a problem and our coexistence will be short and painful.


What is exactly EVP?

Employee Value Proposition can be described as a portfolio of skills or a set of associations and offerings provided by an organization in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences an employee brings to the organization. Whichever way we view it, EVP will always be an employee-centered approach where current and future employees are both targeted.


Creating the EVP is teamwork, is about us.

EPV only works when it is real, therefore unique. This combination will be compelling and will attract the right kind of talent. However, – with recruitment – work only starts, EVP is needed to engage with our people on a daily bases. What should it contain? What can be summed up to create these values? Organisational policies, people policies, training programs, missions that show the employee what is the organisation willing to do in order to see their people grow, get stronger, be recognized, be heard and if needed change.


People to people

Let us forget a little bit about the war that is currently going on for talents on the workforce market. Organisations need to understand the needs that people – future employees – have. We need to step back and refine or re-define our values.

  • How would we characterise ourselves as an organisation?
  • What do we stand for?
  • What is our mission and why does it matter?


What are those emotional factors that are unique in our organisation?

Do care to ask our current employees. Why are they still at our company? What values, programs, policies they admire?


We might want to take another step to have a strong proposition and incorporate the employer brand strategy. Have a look at the competitors who are seeking the same kind of talent as we need, who are the top talents and what matters to them? How can we communicate al those data we have found in the clearest way? Which platform will show the honest picture?



We are PR-Agent Communications. We are all different and this gives us the advantage to discover new ideas, stay creative and cover as many parts of PR as possible, let it be traditional or digital PR. We have started 15 years ago and had time to evaluate our values and build the organisation culture we all nurture. We trust and believe in learning. We look at the future and we see adventure ahead! Get in touch today or follow us on LinkedIn to get inspired, hear about the latest digital PR news.

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