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Digital talents – Who they are, why you need them and how to attract them?

Business transformation

We live the era of changes, reform and revolutions. It must effect business as well. We have already entered the era of the digital world we are currently facing the digital transformation. But what is it? Who are the key players? Let’s find out together.

If we look it up we might find that digital Transformation (DX) is the novel use of digital technology to solve traditional problems. Digital solutions might be new types of innovation and creativity. These solutions can be as small as the concept of “going paperless” in the life of a company yet it affects not only individual businesses but whole segments of society. For example mass communication going online, re-watchable news programs.

Digital gap

This transformation, however, does not happen overnight. any companies and industries are bound to take the transformation at a slower pace. In fact, there are elements that for some companies make the change even harder. The digital gap comes from the digital divide which is the gap between those people who have internet access and those who do not. Let’s face it that in modern western worlds we do not need to face this threat, however digital gap within a company exists. Information accessibility, information utilization and information receptiveness are three factors that can cause problems between employees and the digital, technological evolution of the company.

Individuals need to know how to make use of the information and communication tools once they exist within a company. But who will help those who started to work when dial-up internet was a new thing? Furthermore, if we want to keep our pace or take advantage we need people who are born with digital knowledge.

Digital talent

Out IT team has the ability to help bridge the gap but who we really need are digital talents. Who are they? How can we spot them when we are looking for new people?

A digital talent, first of all, will not only know but use digital technologies. They will think digital, have ideas about new approaches in their job – mostly digital ones. They will have skills like social intelligence, computational and adaptive thinking, design mindset, cross-cultural competency they will be able to collaborate virtually just like teams in the company on regular Monday meetings.

Values before seeking advantage

We can not and – as a company going through its digital transformation – will not say that you do not need to find these people. However, we strongly believe in the human factor and values that a company can and should give their employees. Digital talents might already exist in your company your HR just too busy looking for new talents. Instead of looking for digital talents that will help them with our transformation, maybe businesses should rather transform themselves to help the talents they have to express themselves and sustain this digital transition.

At PR-Agent Communications we provide training and work on a daily basis to adapt to the digital change. We have digital talents and traditional talents who are learning to use digital technologies for their advance. We also take pride in serving our clients with digital solutions making the crossing of the digital gap easier. Join us or follow us on social media to discover more about digital transformation and digital PR.

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