Strategy-focused communication agency

As a PR strategic-focused communications agency we develop your business alongside with you, so that your goals can be achieved: we tell your story, we design, we create, and we evaluate.

Why should you choose PRA?

Because you are our greatest adventure!

We think with you and will be with you on your journey.


PR-Agent has been providing outstanding services in a wide range of communication fields to domestic and international clients in the Hungarian market for two decades. Most of our clients come to us on the basis of our references. Our reputation, commitment and decades of international communication and management experience help us to provide a balanced, stable and quality service.

Every project and every client is an adventure in which we create and act together to ensure that the brand goal is met with the best solutions. We are always there when you need us: when you need help, we help, when you need a solution, we act.

Regardless of being a new company or an existinging brand, we will make your message a success.



We will design a strategy that best fits your brand.


We will select the right channels for your brand and create the right content to make sure your message reaches its audience.


We are constantly optimizing and analyzing so future projects can achieve even better results.

Everything is a question of perspectives and we will show you the best!



We have been active members of the communications market for nearly two decades and we’re proud to present our clients.


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