All projects are different somehow and there are no solutions alike.
This provides the challenge that we find in every upcoming task.


What we started as a successful print campaign in 2020 has also continued in 2021: we have publicized GROHE in highly read and professionally highly regarded, quality magazines.

In our cooperation with the brand, we have written and edited PR articles, while also placed direct advertisements in such high prestige interior design and lifestyle issues that have the best coverage to reach GROHE’s target audience.


It’s been the 2nd year that we have been creating graphics for Magyarországi Sertéstenyésztők és Sertéstartók Szövetsége (Society of Hungarian Pig Breeders and Pig Farmers) for Országos Mezőgazdasági és Élelmiszeripari Kiállítás és Vásárra (National Exhibition and Market of Agricultural and Food Industry), also known as OMÉK. The creatives included the designs for columns, countertops, posters, roll-ups, publications, stands, menu cards etc.

It really feels amazing to see the fruit of our labor, inspiring us further!


For Magyar Élelmiszerbank Egyesület (Hungarian Food Bank Society) we are continously monitoring press and social media to create our social listening report using keywords to gain relevant information and insight on the brand. With these reports, we have the ability to connect the dots in important topics for the Society – like food waste or food handouts – as well as finding out the opinion of others about them.

We are happy to be a part of a good cause and to be able to help their work for several years now.


Érted Zöld (meaning “Green for You” in Hungarian) is a social platform aiming to address citizens and build a relationship between themselves and nature. You can find interesting articles on the website we’ve created, and some educative and entertaining content on the social media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram.

Besides creating content on these platforms, we are also quite actively posting articles on their blogs as it is our personal mission to introduce the closeness of nature to people and provide information on the individuality of natural life of Hungary to its citizens.


Hybrid cubed (Hybrid3) – this is the main message of our 2021 Suzuki activity. Though our goal does not change a single thing for now, we still need to react fast and in various way to the endless changes of the automobile industry: we are using our knowledge in product expertise and technology in more and more fields. Participation on trainings is a new territory for us, but we are here and eager to learn while doing it. We organize product-related trainings for the entire dealer network, we educate them about the latest market trends, and we also help them with their sales taking advantage of some effective PR cooperation. For example, last time we have introduced Suzuki’s hybrid full range to the professional press. The articles born from this event were not only high in quality, but also in quantity as numerous press organizations reported of the event.


In 2021, our client, Volvo Hungária Kft., has handed over their first series produced electronic Volvo truck in Hungary. We took the active role of finding the perfect media and press platforms where we can reach the biggest number of readers. It was vital that we aim for the highest reach since Volvo FL Electric is a pioneer in the future of sustainable logistics in Hungary considering electromobility.

Moreover, we had the opportunity to try one of the electric models, which has been a defining moment for our team as this is an experience that doesn’t happen every day to us.


The foundation stone ceremony for SEMCORP Group has been a key step in developing the most advanced technology and clean energy. The ceremony happened in Debrecen for a new factory producing separator films for the lithium-ion battery industry. The press event we organized for the ceremony was special to us too: we kept in contact with government officials, managed Hungarian, and Chinese press as well as social media.

It was a personal challenge to us that we organized the entire event over oceans since our client literally were on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. We take special pride in the fact that not only the invitation was designed by us, but also the foundation stone layout as well. 


The updated and upgraded model of Suzuki Ignis was tested by professional journalists under special conditions on the roads of Budapest and its agglomeration.

During the limited number of test drives, the characteristics of the ultra-compact SUV were explored on a fixed route, touching the most beautiful and spectacular locations while we photographed and filmed them from all sides.


One of the biggest innovations of 2020 was the introduction of the Suzuki Vitara and SX4 S-Cross models, both equipped with a 48-volt hybrid system. For the press conference we chose an extraordinary place, Zselic. Aside from journalists, deers from Bőszénfa also surrounded the car. 

We are proud that the pictures taken made their way through the professional press.


During the VH20 anniversary campaign we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Volvo Hungária Kft. in Hungary with an unusual online campaign. The campaign was based on a short film which was shot in three days with the participation of extras and original Volvo products. This was the first time that a Volvo truck has been allowed to drive in Balatonhenye. 

Besides managing the social media campaign and the shooting, we also provided Volvo Hungária Kft. with a sticker with a unique design for the limited edition Volvo FH models.


The Renault Trucks Heritage campaign was mainly built around memorable and historical topics we aimed to incorporate into modern life. That’s why we chose a team of honest Renault Trucks fans, Deczki and Sons. The specialty of this campaign were not only the iconic and highly decorated Renault Magnums, but also the members of the team and their love for the brand. 

Shooting with them was a special experience and we were amazed by how well they moved in front of the camera! It was the icing on the cake!


With the redesign and development of the Office Line website for office furniture and complex services, we wanted to create a portfolio site that would reflect the professionalism and outstanding furniture quality of the company.

We combined the image with fresh and trendy colors. Our goal in web development was simplicity and a clear overview.


The Association of Hungarian Pig Breeders and Farmers has trusted us with a brand new image design. The most exciting part of the work was the group brainstorming, as we had to create a uniqe B2B project, which was an exciting challenge for us.

The assignment involved a completely new rating system, where we were able to show how to create the logo and additional graphic elements that fit the existing image.


In autumn 2017, GROHE‘s water filtering system, Blue Home was launched and we introduced the project to the press in an apartment restaurant. At the event, visitors were taking part in a blind taste test including cocktails with sparkling water released straight from the tap and then compare the taste of traditional bottled mineral water with water from the GROHE system. Chef Zoltán Magos not only did please the guests with delicious snacks, but also presented the way to make some of the recipes.

The guests left the event with not only a GROHE gift bag, but also some useful cooking tips and recipes.


Swift is one of Suzuki’s flagship models in Europe. Released in 2018, the Swift Sport surpasses its predecessor in every aspect. The car, also called “Wasp”, was presented to Hungarian automotive journalists on a scenic route through Austria’s highest peak, the Großglockner, despite rough driving conditions. 

During the three-day press conference, the journalists have not only been able to experience the unique characteristics of the car up close, but they have also taken advantage of the benefits offered by the Austrian countryside.

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