All projects are somehow different and there is never an identical solution. This gives us the challenge that we find in every upcoming task.

Suzuki Ignis Test Driving

The Suzuki Ignis, which underwent a model update, was tested by professional journalists under special conditions, in the traffic of Budapest and agglomeration. During the limited number of test drives, the characteristics of the ultra-compact SUV were explored on a fixed route, touching the most beautiful and spectacular locations while we photographed and filmed them from all sides.

Press Release: Suzuki Hybrid 48V

One of the biggest innovations of 2020 was the introduction of the Suzuki Vitara and SX4 S-Cross models, both equipped with a 48-volt hybrid system. For the press conference we chose an extraordinary place, Zselice. Not only journalists, but also deer from Bőszénfa surrounded the car. We are proud of the fact that the pictures taken made their way through the trade press.

Volvo Trucks - VH20 Campaign

During the VH20 anniversary campaign we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Volvo Hungária Kft. in Hungary with an unusual online campaign. The campaign was based on a short film which was shot for three days with the participation of extras and with original Volvo products. This was the first time that a Volvo truck was allowed to drive in Balatonhenye. Besides the social media campaign and the shooting management, we also provided Volvo Hungária Kft with the design of a unique sticker for the limited edition Volvo FH models.

Renault Trucks Heritage Campaign

The Renault Trucks Heritage campaign was mainly built around a memorable and historical thread that we wanted to infuse into modern life. That’s why we chose a team of honest Renault Trucks fans, Deczki and Sons.The speciality of the campaign was not only the iconic and highly decorated Renault Magnums, but also the members of the team and their love for the brand. It was a special experience to shoot with them and it was just the icing on the cake how well they moved in front of the camera!

Office Line - Web Development & Design

During the redesign and development of the Office Line website for office furniture and complex services, we wanted to create a portfolio site that would reflect the company’s professionalism and outstanding furniture quality. We combined the image with fresh and trendy colors. Our goal in web development was simplicity and a clear overview.

MSTSZ - Logo and publishing design

The Association of Hungarian Pig Breeders and Farmers has trusted us with a brand new image design. The most exciting part of the work was the joint brainstorming, as we had to make a B2B project unique, which was an exciting challenge for us.

The assignment involved a completely new rating system, where we were able to show how to create a logo and additional graphic elements that fit the existing image.

GROHE BLUE Press Conference

In autumn 2017, the GROHE Blue Home water filtration system was launched, and we introduced it to the press in an apartment restaurant.At the event, visitors were able to taste cocktails with sparkling water released directly from the tap and then compare the taste of traditional bottled mineral water with water from the GROHE Blue water filter system in a blind test. Chef Zoltán Magos not only pampered the guests with delicious snacks, but also presented the preparation of some of the recipes live, so that the participants could leave the event not only with a GROHE gift pack, but also with useful cooking tips and recipes.

SUZUKI SWIFT SPORT Press Event - Heiligenblut, Austria

Swift is one of Suzuki’s flagships in Europe. Released in 2018, the Swift Sport surpasses its predecessor in every aspect. The car, also called “Wasp”, was presented to Hungarian car journalists on a panoramic road through Austria’s highest point, the Großglockner, despite rough traffic conditions. During the three-day press conference, they were not only able to experience the unique characteristics of the car up close, but also to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Austrian countryside.

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